A Love to Last Through the Century


Texas A&M University is known for it’s many traditions. One of my favorite traditions is Aggie couples getting engaged beneath the sprawling limbs of the Century Tree – a tree that was one of the first planted on campus well over 100 years ago. According to the tradition, if a couple walks beneath the tree, they will eventually get married. If a proposal happens under the tree, the marriage will last forever.

As a maroon-blooded Aggie, Seth decided that the tree would be the perfect place to propose to the love of his life, Kathryn this past Saturday. I was contacted by Kathryn’s mother and was asked if I would be available to capture this special moment for them. As an Aggie myself, I was extremely excited about this opportunity!

Seth and I met at the tree that day to discuss our strategies and he filled me in on his plans. He told me that he had sent her on a scavenger hunt with clues that would eventually lead her to the tree where he would be waiting! As he nervously paced back and forth and checked his phone for text messages from people helping Kathryn along the way, he told me about the different places he was sending her to on her scavenger hunt.


He told me about how they had met in the Ice Cream Aisle at HEB, and how that was the first stop on the scavenger hunt. He told me how she was active in the local theater and that was yet another stop. Her final stop before coming to the tree was at the Dixie Chicken where Seth worked. The amount of thought and planning that he put into this day was so sweet and touching – he even wore his lucky socks!

He wasn’t sure what time she would arrive exactly, but we were planning on her being there around 3:00pm. He was keeping me posted on her progress and estimated arrival through the text messages he was receiving from those helping him. His nervousness was palpable and I kept reassuring him that it would all work out and that she was not going to say “No!”

As she was getting closer I got him positioned and found where I would stand to get her walking up and seeing him. We were in place and finally he said that she was on her way – she had left the Chicken! His reaction seeing her walk around the corner was the sweetest!!


Before she had arrived, he told me that he had no idea what he was going to say or if he’d even be able to get the words out. I don’t know what he ended up saying, but I have no doubt it was heartfelt and thoughtful. And of course, she said “YES!”


Congratulations Kathryn and Seth!! Thank you for letting me capture this special moment in your lives!



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