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Full-Service Photographer + Gallery Designer

Photographer out of Bryan/College Station, Texas

"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever...It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything."

- Aaron Siskind -

This is my favorite photography quote. It simply and beautifully articulates why I do what I do. When we are gone from this Earth, the only thing we leave behind are memories, and one of the best ways to leave those memories for future generations is through photos. I’ve always found looking at old photographs of my ancestors such a nostalgic and romantic notion. We are able to look into the faces of those who came before us, those who are responsible for our existence, those we never met. We can get a glimpse of who they were, looking at us from the moment that they were frozen in time. We can wonder about their personalities, their hopes and dreams, and maybe even wonder what they would think of us. We search their faces looking for our own. Do we share the same nose, ears, or smirk?

It’s knowing this importance that photographs have in preserving not only our memories, but also ourselves, that has made me shift the way that I want to serve you, my client. In the past, I was what was referred to in the industry as a “Shoot & Burn” photographer. This simply means that I took the photos, uploaded them digitally, edited and then delivered them through digital files. Many other photographers have also followed this business model as it needs little investment other than equipment. It just seemed that this was the way the photography industry was, and the era of prints and fine art were over.

It took me losing my mother and realizing that my reliance on having digital images had cost me many precious memories of her, to understand the value of printed photographs. I had hundreds of digital photos of her with my first born son. Had. I never had them printed out, but had them saved on a computer that has since crashed. All of those memories are now gone - forever. When my family was trying to put together photos of her for the funeral slideshow, we had many from when she was younger. We had tons of prints from the 1960s and 70s, but very few recent photos, and the ones we did have were the ones that had actually been printed or grainy ones that we were able to print from Facebook. I also have two other failed hard drives that at one time had thousands of photos of my oldest son’s childhood…now all lost forever.

I want to help you hold on to your memories so you don’t regret those moments lost. I also want to provide you a full-service experience, from custom session planning and styling, to helping you decide which heirloom-quality products best fit your needs. I can even help you design and install a custom wall art display to showcase in your home.


I want to help tell the story of you, to future generations.