Quarantine Boredom? 5 Ways to Preserve Your Family Photos

We’re living through a very unusual time right now! Many of us have more time than we’ve ever had in our adult lives. I don’t know about you, but I can only watch Netflix so long before I need to do something more productive! What better time to get caught up on all those to-do lists that we’ve been adding to over the years? I’m sure many of us have piles of old photos, or digital photos stored away on old disks or thumb drives that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Here are 5 tips to finally getting those photos organized and displayed so you can preserve those family memories:

1. Find, sort and organize

Depending on your personality, this may be the most fun and exciting part, or the most daunting. While it may take a lot of time (that we now have plenty of), it can be a nostalgic walk through your family’s life. If you know the details of the photos, such as names, dates and locations, go ahead and note those on the back of the photo. This article from Archival Methods has good information about how to do this properly: Years down the road, those details will become more fuzzy and not so easily recalled. Future generations will thank you!

2. Pull out the most special photos to create an album/family yearbook

Let’s face it. Not all of the photos we have are spectacular, especially those from before digital photography allowed us to delete those super awkward ones!

Choose the photos that are your favorites and place them in an album, or create a photobook that you can have printed. Photos that tell a story about an event or person are usually the best ones to include.

3. Choose best photos for art projects or wall art

Some of the photos will be your absolute favorites and may already be displayed in a small frame in your home, or even featured as a profile picture on social media. These photos are ones that are best chosen for art projects or wall art.

There are many online tutorials on how to transfer photos to wood to make a personalized piece of art, as well as many services that can print on fabric or even metal. Memory quilts featuring family photos make the perfect gift!

Taking special photos and enlarging them to a size that is 16×20 or greater makes a big statement on a wall. Professional photos or photos with a high resolution are best for large prints.

4. Document now – and keep doing it!

If this time has taught us anything, it should be just how special family time and memories are. Continue to take photos! We are living through a major historic event. Document it! Take photos of things that tell the story of what is going on – making masks, finding toilet paper and being excited about it, your kids on the computer watching a lesson from their teacher, sidewalk chalk messages you see on a walk through your neighborhood, or anything else that you think future generations would need to see to be able to understand this bizarre time in history.

Take that awareness for storytelling into the future. Once everything goes back to “normal” your family’s story will continue. Keep being the storyteller!

5. Schedule new family photos

If it’s been a while since you’ve had professional family photos, now is the time to plan to have new ones made. High quality photos are always valued and can be printed as heirloom quality artwork. Our families are constantly growing and changing, and it’s important to capture these fleeting moments before they change again!

Professional photographers not only provide an artistic eye for capturing your family in their best light, but we also offer many high quality products for displaying and preserving your images.

Contact me today and we can schedule your session and discuss how we can best preserve your memories! Mention this blog post, and you’ll get $100 in print credit for your session.

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